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When you need to utilize our services for your auto, truck, or SUV repairs and maintenance, we're not just limited to the list of services all ready mentioned. We can also repair / offer the following:

  • Clutch repair
  • Rebuild differentials
  • Re-manufactured transfer cases

Clutch Repair:

Trouble with the clutch isn't always caused by a problem with the actual clutch itself. Any number of things can throw off the working mechanisms of a clutch.

  • Does your transmission sound like it's "slipping" or "missing" a gear?
  • Are the hydraulics failing? 

It's possible that the flywheel needs to be resurfaced, the pilot bushing needs to be checked, or even a new clutch pressure-plate is in order. 

One of our experts will be able to diagnosis the problem, provide a free estimate for the repair, and get you safely on your way again.

Routine maintenance on your differential includes lubricant inspection, checking for leaks, and changing the fluid. A small unnoticed leak can cause the fluid level to be too low and can cause wear and tear on the axle bearings and cause other problems. Regular inspections can catch problems early and prevent expensive repair costs.

  • Noise and vibration repair
  • Front and rear differential service
  • Replacement of bearings, rings and pinions, transmission and motor mounts
  • Repair and replace u-joints, CV axles, drive shafts, axles and seals

Transfer Cases:
If you experience electrical or mechanical problems with your all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle, it could be the transfer case. World Wide Transmissions will do a full inspection and evaluation of your transfer case.

  • Domestic and foreign cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs
  • Repair leaks
  • Reseals
  • Driveline and u-joints
  • Driveshafts
  • Transfer case overhauls

Replace transfer cases including:

  • Manual transfer case
  • Chain drive transfer case
  • Electronic shift on-the-fly transfer case
  • Repair leaking seals and case halves
  • Replace bearings, seals, fork pads and chains
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